Mobile Alabama Safety Plans for Tree Removal

Removal of trees can be a complicated task that can prove to be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. It is best carried out by experts, who have the experience and all the necessary tools and equipment to carry out this exercise safely. An improper tree removal may lead to the tree growing again from the stump and negating all the reasons for which the tree was removed.


There are many reasons why you may need to remove a tree. It can come in the way of any planned installation or where you need to create an open field for sports or other activities. Trees can overshadow a house and lead to the use of lights and increase electricity bills. Trees can also become sick and can become a safety risk if they fall. You may at times be asked to remove a tree on your property when its growth is interfering with power lines or other utilities that pass overhead. At times the roots of trees can start undermining foundations or pools and cause cracks in them.


Any tree service task must start with an assessment of the tree and its location. A tree removal must be carried out with the least damage to things around it, like living structures and fences. Trees will fall after they are cut down, and the path of the fall of the tree must be planned in such a way that it only comes down in areas that are clear. Once this is done, the actual job of cutting down the tree must be assessed depending on the type of tree, its branches, its spread and other factors. For more information, please visit City Of Mobile website.


The removal of trees starts with the trimming of all the major branches. This reduces the bulk of the tree and a control over how the tree will fall down after it is cut down. This trimming also reduces the risk of damage to surroundings from branches that can break off. The trimming exercise must be carried out with a concern for safety as large branches can cause a lot of damage when they fall to the ground. A good tree removal specialist will carefully allow small branches with leaves to fall to the ground after trimming but may prefer to lower the large branches by winch or pulleys so that it is an action over which there is complete control.


Once all the branches are removed, it may at times be necessary to cut the trunk of the tree also in parts by topping the tree. Tree trunks of fully grown trees can be quite massive, and care must be taken to see that each section cut is removed with respect to the lifting capacity of any equipment used. It is necessary to remove the stump of the tree with all its roots for effective tree removal. At times, this can require mechanical equipment or even the use of explosives. All the cut wood must be further chipped or broken down for ease of carrying away. The disposal of this wood must be part of any contract given for tree removal. Leaves and smaller parts of the tree can become mulch for a garden or join the compost heap.…

Tree Service FAQ’s

If you are considering calling in a professional tree service then you may have a few questions on your mind. These may range from how to select the right company, how to understand what they propose to do  – you may even be wondering if you really need to hire one at all!

With that in mind, here are the answers to some common questions that we hope you will find useful.


Is this the right Tree Service for me?

Reliability, experience and customer service are the three most important considerations when selecting a pro.

Reliability – You want a company who will perform the jobs they say they will – and do them safely. A good company will always come out for a site visit first to examine the tree(s), offer a valuation of costs and, most importantly, explain exactly what they propose to do.

Experience – This refers both to experience in terms of tree surgery and also to the previous experiences of their customers. Choose a company that has been in business for multiple years, and/or is able to show you the qualifications gained by its staff. Try to get an idea of reviews from previous customers, or contact your local town Tree Warden or consult the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Service – This is a skilled profession, but that is no excuse to try to confuse you with technical terms. The company should be able to clearly explain both what they will do – and how they will do it.


Do I need to be Insured?

No, the onus is on the tree company to insure their workers so they are covered when working at your property. However, always make sure this is the case and that the company has insurance in place before you allow work to commence.

Companies in states that required licensing and insurance info to be displayed on their website must comply, but for most states you’ll have to search local government databases – says Alan Barnes, who himself built, currently owns and operates an Indianapolis based company, check out Alan’s website at and feel free to inquire through the form provided. He also mentioned that the state of Indiana does NOT require any licensing info to be displayed, even for licensed trades, however, a contractor must obtain a classified license prior to doing any work.

To learn more about Alan’s work, be sure to check out for more of an overall understanding of what tree work really is and another great article he wrote here about the importance of removing trees in order to conserve rare natural habitats.


Is my House/Garden/Car going to be safe?

A tree surgeon, also known as an arborist, is a highly trained, highly skilled individual.

Further, there are several methods available either to bring down an entire tree or to merely prune it that will offer protection to both property and the surrounding land. If you discuss your requirements with a good tree service company they should be able to provide the solutions to your needs. If they can’t, consider getting a second opinion from a different company. You should never find yourself in a situation where your property – especially your house – is at risk during their work.


When Should I Hire a Tree Removal Company? What are the Benefits to My Trees?

It is very important that trees on your property are kept well pruned and maintained. For one thing, a well maintained tree is going to be an asset to any garden. A tree, or trees, provide summer shade and in the winter can protect your home from cold winds.

A poorly maintained tree can also be a danger – both to property and even to life. Regular tree pruning will remove dead branches safely and encourage healthy growth. A poorly maintained tree can unexpectedly shed dead branches, causing a falling hazard for people and property below. It will also be more susceptible to disease or damage during storms – again posing a serious hazard.


Hopefully you’ve found this little guide helpful! For more in depth answers however, the best people to speak to are your local service providers. Just use the above as a general guide, and don’t be afraid to walk away and find a new company if you are comfortable with what you hear. Having issues with a tree that’s dead or needs to come down? I’ve wrote about it in my previous article, check it out.…

Why Trees Are So Important To The Planet

Trees are one of world’s most important resources, and no, it’s not because they can be used as firewood to keep you and your family warm… It’s mainly because trees and other plants produce oxygen which we simply cannot live without.

It’s no secret that the overall amount of forestry is going down at an alarming rate and has been doing so for years, if not decades. People, in general don’t seem to take any serious action until it’s too late, and in this case, the suffocation would be the trigger that the nature pulls on us. Check out this awesome article that really goes in-depth as to WHY we should stop this madness before it becomes irreversible.

It’s simply unbelievable how little governments and individuals in the positions of power seem to care about this problem. It’s world-wide and nobody’s talking about it. Think of things like solar power that has proven to be an awesome source of clean energy, why do we keep cutting and burning the forests. Now that the planet is warming up, there’s more and more forest fires that eat up huge chunks of forestry and emit CO2 like there’s no tomorrow. It’s time to stand up!

Watch the demonstration that took place in Bialowieza, the people are on the rise: