Why Trees Are So Important To The Planet

Trees are one of world’s most important resources, and no, it’s not because they can be used as firewood to keep you and your family warm… It’s mainly because trees and other plants produce oxygen which we simply cannot live without.

It’s no secret that the overall amount of forestry is going down at an alarming rate and has been doing so for years, if not decades. People, in general don’t seem to take any serious action until it’s too late, and in this case, the suffocation would be the trigger that the nature pulls on us. Check out this awesome article that really goes in-depth as to WHY we should stop this madness before it becomes irreversible.

It’s simply unbelievable how little governments and individuals in the positions of power seem to care about this problem. It’s world-wide and nobody’s talking about it. Think of things like solar power that has proven to be an awesome source of clean energy, why do we keep cutting and burning the forests. Now that the planet is warming up, there’s more and more forest fires that eat up huge chunks of forestry and emit CO2 like there’s no tomorrow. It’s time to stand up!

Watch the demonstration that took place in Bialowieza, the people are on the rise: