Mobile Alabama Safety Plans for Tree Removal

Removal of trees can be a complicated task that can prove to be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. It is best carried out by experts, who have the experience and all the necessary tools and equipment to carry out this exercise safely. An improper tree removal may lead to the tree growing again from the stump and negating all the reasons for which the tree was removed.


There are many reasons why you may need to remove a tree. It can come in the way of any planned installation or where you need to create an open field for sports or other activities. Trees can overshadow a house and lead to the use of lights and increase electricity bills. Trees can also become sick and can become a safety risk if they fall. You may at times be asked to remove a tree on your property when its growth is interfering with power lines or other utilities that pass overhead. At times the roots of trees can start undermining foundations or pools and cause cracks in them.


Any tree service task must start with an assessment of the tree and its location. A tree removal must be carried out with the least damage to things around it, like living structures and fences. Trees will fall after they are cut down, and the path of the fall of the tree must be planned in such a way that it only comes down in areas that are clear. Once this is done, the actual job of cutting down the tree must be assessed depending on the type of tree, its branches, its spread and other factors. For more information, please visit City Of Mobile website.


The removal of trees starts with the trimming of all the major branches. This reduces the bulk of the tree and a control over how the tree will fall down after it is cut down. This trimming also reduces the risk of damage to surroundings from branches that can break off. The trimming exercise must be carried out with a concern for safety as large branches can cause a lot of damage when they fall to the ground. A good tree removal specialist will carefully allow small branches with leaves to fall to the ground after trimming but may prefer to lower the large branches by winch or pulleys so that it is an action over which there is complete control.


Once all the branches are removed, it may at times be necessary to cut the trunk of the tree also in parts by topping the tree. Tree trunks of fully grown trees can be quite massive, and care must be taken to see that each section cut is removed with respect to the lifting capacity of any equipment used. It is necessary to remove the stump of the tree with all its roots for effective tree removal. At times, this can require mechanical equipment or even the use of explosives. All the cut wood must be further chipped or broken down for ease of carrying away. The disposal of this wood must be part of any contract given for tree removal. Leaves and smaller parts of the tree can become mulch for a garden or join the compost heap.

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